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Monday, May 01, 2006

Biomass as a Renewable Energy Source


Full report
Complete report - Containing all report sections, with the covers (96pp, 2,418Kb)

Report in sections
Front covers (2pp, 2,800Kb)
Contents list (2pp, 74Kb)
Chapter 1 - Introduction (6pp, 112Kb)
Chapter 2 - Biomass Fuels (19pp, 894Kb)
Chapter 3 - Generation using biomass fuels (13pp, 606Kb)
Chapter 4 - Meeting the Target (11pp, 368Kb)
Chapter 5 - Conclusions and recommendations (3pp, 103Kb)
Appendices (18pp)
Appendix A - Policies to support biomass - description of the current situation (67Kb)
Appendix B - Case Studies (109Kb)
Appendix C - Scope and limitations of the Special Report (78Kb)
Appendix D - Conduct of the report (79Kb)
Appendix E - Members of the Commission (52Kb)
Appendix F - Reports by the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution (75Kb)
References (3pp, 85Kb)
Back covers (2pp, 127Kb)


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